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Dependable Saddle Testimonial

“My Cole Saddle is the most versatile and dependable saddle I have ever used. From starting colts, to roping that big gelding, to bucking one out at a ranch rodeo, this saddle gets the job done!”

-Jasper Eshelman
Bozeman, Montana

Excellent Craftsmanship Testimonail

“I've had many custom saddles. None of them come close to my Cole Saddle. The craftsmanship is excellent. I ride over 100 head of horses a year, and I have yet to see the saddle not fit well. When all comes 'tight' I just say, 'At least it's the Cole'!”

-Pete Heryford, owner
Empire Livestock
Bozeman, Montana

Gorgeous and Lightweight Saddle Testimonial

“I have had my saddle for just about a year now, and it has been great for all of the seasons' works. From riding fence in the summers, to fall round-up and late winter calving, to spring branding and turnout, it has stood up to it all. A very well built and rugged saddle, and also the most comfortable I've ever had. Sam and Cathy were great to work with. Thank you!”

-Cole Bjugson
Roseau, Minnesota

Favorite Tack Testimonial

“My Cole Saddle is not only stylish, but comfortable. I have ridden several breeds of horses ranging from ponies to drafts, and it works like a charm fitting each horse. My Cole Saddle is not only my favorite piece of tack, but I won't get on a horse I think might buck without it.”

-Kelsey Hubner
Ennis, Montana

Breast Collar Testimonial

“I started riding in my late 50's, so the decision to buy myself a new saddle in my mid-60's was a big commitment. I met Sam and Cathy two years before I ordered my saddle and spoke with many saddlemakers in the interim. When I placed my order, Sam and Cathy were totally attentive to my needs. The breast collar was not a good fit initially. They were gracious, accommodating, and fast about getting it just right. I love how the saddle positions my legs when I ride and really appreciate the light weight that comes with the Cable Rigging and saddle construction.”

-Betsy DeLeiris
Bozeman, Montana

Excellent Craftsmanship Testimonaial

“So far, I've put 200 miles on my Cole Saddle this hunting season. The craftsmanship is excellent, and I appreciate the attention to detail. I am extremely happy with the Cable Rigging, definitely beyond my expectations. This is a saddle that sits you in the seat not on the seat. Working with Sam and Cathy was very easy. They were open to all my ideas.”

-Bob Meadows
Emmigrant, Montana

Gorgeous and Lightweight Saddle Testimonial

“I love my saddle. I finally have a saddle that fits my horse. He doesn't squirt forward anymore when I try to get on him, and he can collect up underneath himself and move freely when saddled. Riding is such a pleasure now, and it is so nice to know my saddle fits him. Plus, it is gorgeous and lightweight, two definite bonuses. Thank you!”

-Vanessa Shaw
Shaw’d Horses
Bozeman, Montana